In addition to my previous experience as a BUDS mentor, I have experience as a teaching assistant and a mentor for other graduate teaching assistants. I can help with scholarship and graduate school applications, provide advice about how to choose and pursue graduate studies, and offer effective study tips and learning tools.

Research Interests: 
Fungal pathogens of forest trees and shrubs
Work Experiences Prior to Gradschool: 
Graduate Student Assistant- Humboldt State University: Lassen Volcanic National Park Microbial Ecology- I worked as a lab assistant in microbial ecology laboratory studying the effects of allochthonous carbon inputs on microbial community composition. This experience allowed me to experiment with microscopy, PCR, electrophoresis, and other molecular applications including the construction of clone libraries and the analysis of DNA sequences. Graduate Student Assistant- Humboldt State University: Horse Mountain Forest Pathology- This project was focused on measuring and assessing gaps in the forest crowns and the effects of these gaps on understory plant communities. This gave me an introduction to forest pathology field research and allowed me to learn some of the skills involved. I was introduced to techniques such as DBH and height measurements of trees, vegetative sampling on transects, and identification of forest plant pathogens based on signs, symptoms, and indications.
Forest Pathology, Mycology