I have broad interests in the world of plants. My experiences have ranged from DNA isolation & analysis in a plant systematics lab, to developing lesson plans for a Botanic Garden, to assisting on small-scale farms and wineries, to leading urban forest restoration crews for a Seattle non-profit. Here at OSU, pursuing an MS in plant ecology has placed me in the Oregon Cascades, studying a native wildflower and a voracious caterpillar. This research focuses on plant-insect interactions, invasion/introductions, and spatial analysis through GIS. While these might sound like pretty disparate experiences, each one reflects me; and this path has asked me to examine & re-examine what I love about plant sciences and what a happy and successful botanical career looks like for me. I am very happy to share my perspective and experiences with folks who have interests in common, or who want to chat about the many ways to find the "right" career path.

Current Research Description: