Welcome to the Botany and Plant Pathology BUDS Program webpage!

The purpose of this program is to strengthen community and academic excellence throughout the BPP department.

What is BUDS? Buds is a program entirely organized by graduate students in BPP. In this program, graduates and undergraduate students will be paired to engage in a mentor/mentee relationship (Buds).

Why participate? Participants will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their graduate student mentor. We will provide each pair of BUDS with gift cards to campus dinning and coffee shops to facilitate meeting. We will also organize workshops for undergraduates (e.g. applying to gradschool, GREs, resume building, technical lab protocols, etc.) that will be lead by graduate students. Graduate students involved in the program will be exposed to the challenge of mentoring students and will have the opportunity to help others by sharing their perspective and experience.

How to get involved!!!!! 

Graduate Students: Please fill out this form if you would like to be a BUDS mentor. If you are listed as a BUDS mentor on the list of current students and would no longer like to be, email Shankar and he will take your name off.

Undergraduate Students: Please visit the roster of current students to see which graduate students are currently available for mentoring. Fill out this FORM to participate in the program. The first meeting will be on Thursday, October 6th at 11 am in Cordley 2087. 

Please fill out this form if you would like to post an opportunity to the 'Undergraduate Opportunities' page. 

******If you would like to stay with your current graduate student mentor, there is no need to fill the form again!

BPP BUDS Fall 2017 Program Schedule
Event Time & Date Location
 Introduction Lunch  11:30 AM, Thursday, February 9 Cordley 2087 

Participation requirements: Interested students are required to submit an application. Student pairs (Buddies) will be selected based on interests, activities, and their central academic program. Applications must be resubmitted each quarter, when new pairs will be formed to maximize the diversity of interactions and allow for flexibility in graduate student availability.  The quality of this program will be monitored and maintained through quarterly assessment surveys and by volunteer coordinators from the GSA or greater BPP graduate student body. The volunteer coordinators will be responsible for establishing the mentor/mentee pairs and holding participants accountable for quarterly meetings. Involvement will include attendance at a quarterly pizza dinner, as well as a required in person meeting every quarter between mentors and mentees.  Additional contact will be strongly encouraged. 

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to improve academic excellence by engaging and educating undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology. This program will try to provide students with opportunities for outreach, community involvement, and mentoring skill development while also uniting the department and program.